<aside> ⚠️ For PreNotion to work you need to be the admin of the workspace


<aside> 💡 Use the shortcut “Option (or Alt) ⌥ + Space" to toggle the application


  1. Setup a database in Notion

    1. Create a database for example ‘To do’ by typing ‘/database’.
    2. Copy the link to your database and paste it into the configuration page in PreNotion.
  2. Setup Notion integration

    1. Create a new Notion integration.

      1. go to
      2. Create new integration.
      3. Give it a name, can be anything.
      4. Select the workspace where you have created your database.
      5. Make sure all content capabilities are selected.
    2. Copy the key

      1. Now that you have created your integration, you can copy the Internal Integration token by clicking ‘show’ then ‘copy’.
      2. Paste the integration token in PreNotion .
  3. Share the integration with your new database

    Now we need to share the integration with the database in notion.

    1. Go to your database.
    2. click share and then select invite.
    3. A window appears with person and integrations.
    4. select your integration and you’re good to go.

All set! 🚀

You can now use Prenotion!