Are you migrating your website and still building your SEO migration mapping in a basic Spreadsheet? Tired of spending countless of hours on manual labor?

SEO migration tool is the ultimate Google Sheets template for website migrations. Get the free trial and you'll be amazed how much time you are going to save.

Key features

🔥 Just copy paste your sitemap URLs

😱 Import URLs straight from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and crawlers like Screamingfrog.

🧹 We automatically collect, deduplicate and clean all your URLs

👋🏼 Ignore list to ignore URLs in bulk that are uninteresting

🤯 Bulk mapping to map hundreds of URLs in just five seconds

🔝 Auto-prioritise to map the most important URLs, based on page views, clicks and backlinks NEW

🔗 Import your backlinking profile (Trust & Citation flow) for better prioritisation. NEW

🌪 Crazy fast workflow to create your manual mapping

👌🏼 Guaranteed: No typos or wrong URLs

✅ Export directly to CSV import file or htaccess

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